Plain Face Mask - Triple Layered

Plain Face Mask - Triple Layered

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Face masks are triple-layered, washable fabric face masks; are meant for day to day use. The soft, comfortable and durable masks will help you in playing your part to stop the spread of infections in your community.

You can choose from packs of 1, 2, 3 and 4 masks.

Size options: Child & Adult


  • Wash your hands properly with soap before wearing the mask and also after removing the mask
  • Wash the mask after everyday use
  • The mask is for individual use ONLY, to prevent contamination do not share it with others 
  • Store the mask in a dry place and away from sunlight
  • Change the mask if there is difficulty in breathing
  • Step 1 - Hold ear strings by your hands, face the concave side
  • Step 2 - Pull the strings over your ears, cover your nose, mouth & chin with the mask properly
  • Step 3 - Adjust the mask to ensure a perfect fit
  • Step 4 - Do NOT touch the outer surface of the mask while in use